A snowy ascension into adulthood

It is/it was (I was too busy celebrating to write an actual post on my birthday) the day I have been waiting for, clearly because I now have the ability to show my opinion as to who should have political power in our country.

It is the day where I become an independent, mature adult, and how did I spend it? Throwing snowballs and making snowmen with 5-13 year olds. I am really good at this.

Every person or family seems to have their own way of doing birthdays so I didn’t know what to expect from a Chafyn Grove, English style Birthday where I am miles and miles away from my usual birthday crowd. I was definitely not forgotten about and was spoilt from sunrise to sunset.

I woke up, checked the messages which i had received overnight from my Aussie friends whom had started the celebrations 11 hours before me. Then I got dressed, opened my curtains to see… WHITE! There was snow, everywhere! It was the best present an aussie could ask for and covered the whole school and surrounding area with white beauty. So after redressing with a few more layers I woke the boarding house up with cries of “It’s snowing! Look outside it’s whiteeeeee!”

Breakfast was enjoyed with these big helium ’18’ balloons, ‘happy birthday’ and ’18’ confetti as well as multiple presents and cards covering my usually humble breakfast table. I was spoilt spoilt spoilt by the lovely boarding house kids, houseparents, Matrons, prep school kids, other teachers and the Websters who had organised the balloons and awarded me with a huge ’18’ wine glass. I was not short on presents and heartfelt cards even though I have only known everyone a month! I wouldn’t mind that treatment every year (hint hint).

It was a very exciting morning outside in the snow with the pre-prep building snowmen, going down hills in sleds, having snowfights and just soaking it all in. It was then time to clear the netball courts of snow so they were game ready. This began quite sensibly, with the year 7s helping us out with shovels and trays but ended very messily and cold throwing snowballs and shovels upon shovels of snow at each other, there was no mercy, student and teacher alike and it turned into one huge snowfight. Most of the snow ended down my back and stayed there, painfully freezing me for the 4 hours of training time that I was outside for that afternoon. It was definitely worth it.

After a personalised millionaire’s shortbread (pretty much caramel slice but shortbread instead of slice down the bottom) for dessert and a cheery happy birthday from the boarding house, the celebrations continued with a few glasses of fizz and nibblies at the Websters’ flat with some lovely fellow chafyners.

I thought that my birthday would spur some homesickness, being so different from the norm but I think it made me realise how much at home I feel here and thankful for being surrounded by people who now feel like family (awwwww).

So cheers to a good year ahead!


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