My Bath Time

The city of Bath, like Orange or Hungary has the associated confusion of having a name which is both a place and – in want of a better word – a thing. So in light of this post about my time in Bath, I hope you realise that 1. i am talking about the city of Bath, not the washing utensil that homes bubbles and rubber duckies. And 2. The whole trip was made funnier by the constant usage of the two meanings of the word.
So, Bath.

My sister arrived at Salisbury on the Saturday afternoon and as we walked home from the train station, chatting away, we realised how surreal this all was. We just totally met up in another city on the other side of the world from home and I was totally just showing her around because it is my home town. We are like totally grown up explorers. So cool.

Anyway, after she got bombarded by kids upon entering Chafyn Grove: ‘Miss C is that your sister? You look so alike!’ ‘Miss C we lost netball!’ ‘Does your sister have an accent too?’ Etc we reunited over what else but tea and biscuits. We fit in here.

That day consisted of lots of introductions, kids hugging Loz, a long walk around town, dinner and the pub with my fellow Salisbury friends, and then Loz and I got to achieve our life goal of going out and dancing together. Laura danced in her trainers because of her sore foot which just complemented her jeans in every way and added to the fun of the night. Club Zoo always delivers a fun night and that night was no exception.

After a late wake up and a walk to Salisbury Cathedral (which is amazing!!!), we caught a train to the ancient city of Bath. This 50 minute train ride is not your classic Blaxland to Central trip which follows the dirtiest sights of carparks, industrial hotspots and lucky people’s backyards. This was a trip which follows the picture perfect english countryside – as if it has come straight out of Jane Austen. To say it is beautiful would be an understatement.

As we arrived in the absolutely freezing Bath – 1 degree as opposed to my usual 35 degree baths at home (ba doom chhh) – We fell in love. I love how every building, monument and structure is made of the same beautiful sandstone. I love how the church bells will fill up the whole city every hour. I love how the streets and buildings look like they haven’t changed since they were built hundreds of years ago. I love how every second shop is offering cream teas (tea and scones) for ridiculously cheap prices. I love how you could walk the streets for hours without getting bored. I love everything about this cute city, I could live there in a second.

I also loved having some solid sister to sister time. We had a crazy night of hot chocolates, £3 meal deals and cards, lots of cards. It was so great to finally be reunited and to experience this together, doing it our own way.

The next day we treated ourselves by going in the Thermae Baths which Bath is famous for. We didn’t think of bringing swimmers to this so-very-not-tropic location so had to search Primeark for some £5 bikinis. The baths are basically just pools that are naturally heated by hot springs (not by wee or farts which is another form of natural heating). Laura and I did not feel like ourselves as we were given white robes and slippers and showed to our lockers and showers (this was not our usual monday morning). If I can recommend anything it is to go to these baths. It is a bit pricey but the experience is unforgettable. It was 1 degree outside and we were in this open air bath which looked over the picturesque city of sandstone and churches. It was amazing. Whilst we looked out on the city, some creepy tradies looked out over us from the windows of surrounding buildings which just added to the peculiarity of this experience. There was nothing normal about the whole thing and Laura and I just laughed and laughed trying to take it in that we are in a hot pool on the top of a freezing and beautiful city, together on the other side of the world.
After a quick lunch and search around Poundland (my favourite shop in the world), it was time to depart and be seperated – this time for a lot longer. I won’t see my sister until August in Spain and between now and then she will hopefully have decided on where when and how she wants to have her wedding (this is what we discussed for most of the trip) but she will also travel through Asia, North America and South America for months at a time. We will definitely have some stories to share when we reunite.

(I very much restrained the humorous double usage of bath in this post and feel like that needs to be considered and appreciated)













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