Reality caught up with me

Getting sick and run down physically, mentally and emotionally after a week of non-stop activity and highest of moods is a classic and expected situation, but it doesn’t make right now any better. Yesterday was my day off, where I caught up on sleep (1030 wakeup booyaaa) and did all the little jobs I’ve been meant to do all week. I somehow did my washing without shrinking anything, although I did run my timetable and bank details through the wash woops.

But in my short 17 years and 11 and a half months, I’ve come up with a go-go-pause-stop theory. This theory of mine has been tested and continually confirmed where you will have a busy period of non-stop activity, sleepless nights – the whole shabang – and then you have a rest day, or a sleep in, or a night infront of the tv and it’s as if your body goes ‘ooh time to turn off’ and that’s it. The runny nose, sore throat, achy muscles and headache arrives one after the other. Oh and what an arrival it is, as an army they are no match for the meds or bed and you end up spending more hours in bed in two days than you had for the last month.

For me this has meant an emotional rollercoasterĀ as well (lucky me). I’ve been stuck in a whirlwind for the last week, being all excited about #UK2015 while at the same time feeling like none of it is real (as if I’m living in England, away from home for a year?). So when I got sick, it all kind of hit me. I wanted mum to make me toast and tea and look after me. The school nurse is the kindest of souls and definitely knows a lot more than mum who will always diagnose me with something scarily severe because she googled my symptoms and they had some matches. But she’s just not mum, and my room just isn’t mine. I knew it was just a matter of time before reality hit but it doesn’t make it any better right now.

Don’t get me wrong this whole adventure so far has been amazing and I absolutely love it here – I feel like I’ve been in England for months when its only been 9 days. I can’t wait for the travels and experiences to come but now I know that with the highs come the lows.

Moral of the story: never stop working, ever.


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