Beginnings and Endings


This is my very first blog post and to be frank, I’m not sure what this should look like/sound like but being my own blog I’ll just do what I want and cringe at the mistakes later on (that seems to be the pattern of my life anyway).

I’m 17 years old, 172cm tall, living in the lovely blue mountains in Australia with a sporty, churchy, academicy (ironic – not a word), funny and loving family and community. I have recently finished school at St Pauls Grammar after completing my International Baccalaureate (which I finally know how to spell) and am about to become a “Gappy”.



A school leaver embarking on a year of working, travelling, stuffing around or partying before returning to their reality of needing to go to uni and start a serious career. Gappies (plural) are commonly thought of poorly because it means they are straying away from the path of studying, working, retiring then dying. 


For my one chance at being a “gappy”, I am travelling to UK – Salisbury, England to be specific – and working as a tutor in a boarding school.



A Gappy who does the jobs no one else wants to do at a boarding school and gets paid a wage that no one else would accept but receives any money gratefully because they are all for the “experience” and can spend the money on cheap hostels and cheeseburgers in Italy.


So that is my 2015, working as a Gappy Tutor in England and as badly as I’ve presented it, I actually can not wait. It will be – wait for the cliche – a great experience. I definitely won’t be living the high life I’m living here (mmm cafe breakfasts) and my superfood diet will be limited to oats, but I will be able to independently explore a continent and hopefully meet lots of cool people with even cooler accents.

This crazy adventure all starts in 13 days. I hate goodbyes and it’s going to become my most said word in the next two weeks. The waterproof mascara and sunglasses may become key players in this game of goodbyes.

So my beginning post was all about endings and I bet no one will even read it except my lovely Nanna and sister, I’m going well at this whole blog thing.

Adios! xxx



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